Get Back Up and Running Fast: Computer Repair Service in Springfield, MO

Are you having computer trouble and need it fixed?

Rather than smashing it with a sledgehammer (which would be immensely satisfying but ultimately more expensive), bring it to Computer Innovations in Springfield, Missouri.

Located just off Campbell and James River Freeway, we provide some of the best computer repair services in the area. With over 25+ years of experience in the industry, you can trust that Computer Innovations will provide reliable, economical, and timely solutions.

Give Computer Innovations a call now at (417) 882-7788, to discover our quality service and more than fair pricing.

Why Choose Computer Innovations for your Laptop and PC Repair?


Computer Innovations has been in business for over 25+ years (yup…Windows 95!), meaning we have the experience and expertise needed to diagnose and repair customers' laptops and computers properly.

Affordable Prices: 

Customers can bring their laptops and computers in for a diagnostic check up at only $49, making it an affordable option compared to other computer service center.

On-Site Services: 

We understand the pain of crawling through the maze of wires under a dusty computer desk to dismantle your computer.  So we come to you! Schedule an appointment and one of our professional computer technicians will come to you!

Express Computer Repair: 

Many of our clients use their computers as tools, so down-time means lost revenue. Take advantage of express computer repair services, eliminating any long waiting periods or delays.

Trustworthy Team: 

The staff at Computer Innovations is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.  Customers can rest assured that they will receive personalized customer service when bringing in their laptops or computers for repair.

Laptop Screen Repair

Computer screens usually lose battles with gravity, baseballs, and teenagers. Computer Innovations has replaced hundreds of cracked screens over the years!  

Advanced Technology

Our certified technicians are highly skilled and use advanced technology to diagnose and quickly repair your computer problems.

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to schedule an appointment.

How much does it cost to get someone to fix your PC?

At Computer Innovations, it costs just $49 to get your computer problems diagnosed. Depending on what kind of services are necessary to fix your PC, prices can vary and customers should speak with a technician for an exact quote.

Is it worth fixing a computer?

It is definitely worth considering fixing a computer, as it can be cost-effective and save you scores of setup and file-transfer time in the long run. Computer Innovations offers affordable services to diagnose and repair any issues with your computer, whether it's at our store or on-site at your location. 

Computer Innovations also provides exceptional customer service resulting in a pleasant experience for clients. Our techs are friendly and knowledgeable, with plenty of real-world experience to help get your computer back up and running efficiently for a fraction of the cost of replacing it altogether.

Fast and Reliable Computer Repair Technicians

Stop struggling with your computer's sluggish performance or dealing with annoying popups from viruses - call Computer Innovations today at (417) 882-7788 for fast and reliable assistance! Let us provide experienced and professional assistance that will save you both time and money while keeping your data safe no matter what type of repair work needs to be done.